The Energy Enhancement Video Meditation Course and Exotic Iguazu Retreats

The Energy Enhancement Video Meditation Course and Exotic Iguazu Retreats
Open Your Third Eye!! Energy Enhancement LEVEL 1 Immortality – Gain Infinite Energy from the Chakras above the Head – the Logos and higher! Power UP!! Gain Super Samadhi Kundalini Alchemical VITRIOL Energy. Open Your Third Eye, Gain Luminosity – Your Brain, Just Brighter. Gain Psychic Powers, Ground All Negative Energies. Access Quantum Immortality – The Kundalini Kriyas, Meditation, Samadhi, Samyama
Remove Energy Blockages!! Energy Enhancement LEVEL 2 – Remove Energy Blockages, Eliminate the Shadow – The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process to Totally Remove Energy Blockages, Totally Remove Negative Emotions, Heal Your DNA, Remove your Karma from this lifetime – Advanced Samyama
The Karma Cleaning Process!! Energy Enhancement LEVEL 3 – Eliminate Energy Blockages – The Removal of Strategies. Quantum Integration. The Karma Cleaning Process to Totally Eliminate All Your Karma All your Past Life Vows from all your thousands of Previous lifetimes!!
Cord Control!! Energy Enhancement LEVEL 4 – Stop the Suck!! Stop Energy Vampirisation, Stop Psychic Attacks, Heal the Family!! MASTER ENERGY CONNECTIONS AND RELATIONSHIPS
Exotic Meditation Holidays in Iguazu
Iguazu Falls
Energy Enhancement Meditation
Five Levels
43 Books
Three Months

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