He was doing well professionally and was very successful, etc. S. What I mean by this is that there is no anger, or resentment, or even any additional questions. These counselors believe that it is not right for a married couple to abandon their vows and forget the love that once had bound them together just because of some human weaknesses. A fair expectation for change is 1-2 years

Honesty will never kill us, but pride can end marriages or at least kill them of the kind of life they ought to have. Other common marriage counseling questions revolve around children. It is a vision for the best kind of reconciliation possible in a broken circumstance

If you are truly serious about rescuing your marriage, you must give all that you have. It is also common for men to fear that a female counselor will take the woman’s side. Although some of the things you will be required to do may not seem to have any meaning, you should ensure that you do not take them for granted

Forgiveness if key, as is not holding grudges. It is proven that as you each grow closer to following the teachings of Christ, you will grow closer to each other. To build a happy intimate relationship you have to be able to tolerate hearing why the other person is upset

After my friend told me about their plans, I asked a question: ‘Have you thought about pre-marriage counseling? The question surprised her. Why rain on the parade? Why descend from cloud nine? Why try to squeeze it in, with all the other things that have to be organized? Who needs it, anyway? Well, this is why: your wedding is one day in your life, but your marriage is all the rest of the days that come after it. In the rush, the excitement, not to mention the incredible organizational pressure of organizing your wedding, many people don’t care to think about something as mundane and as sober as pre-marriage counseling


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