5 Lessons from 5 Months in Entrepreneurship

I hit my 2019 goals for bookings, in my case $75’000 signed offer value 5 months after starting hartmannventures.com. I therefore take a step back to reflect on what happened March to September 2019 and pass on 5 lessons learnt from founding a company as a “Solopreneur” without outside funding.

Focus relentlessly on customer value
15+ happy customers. $75’000+ bookings. 0 investors. 0 awards.

I am in entrepreneurship to solve real-world problems. In my case, that is helping technology entrepreneurs become successful by gaining more market traction faster.

I deeply believe that creating value for others always pays off — in the short, but especially in the long run. Therefore, I give away a lot of stuff for free where I can. But I can only do this if I manage to more and more decouple my by nature limited time from providing value. …

salesplaybook best practices

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