Cookie Mug with Cookie Pocket

1. The cookie mug with cookie pocket is a great way to serve milk and cookies to the white-bearded old man this Christmas season. By leaving out cookies and milk for Santa, children would learn to be more grateful for the gifts they did receive!

2. With dimensions of 8” x 3” diameter and holds 14 fluid ounces, this Mug with Cookie Holder is not too big or too small for filling milk and putting cookies for your kids’ holiday cheer this Christmas season. Select a few cookies that’ll fit it perfectly. Just enough for Santa not to miss a delicious snack!

3. Traditions are important, and the ones you share with your children will eventually be passed on to their own families in the future. If you’re anticipating a visit from Santa this coming week, then you probably need this milk and cookie plate for Santa to serve him a snack. In the morning, there will be just a few crumbs on the plate, and an empty glass signifying that the jolly old man enjoyed his treat!

4. Get this Santa cookie plate to be part of your Christmas set every year! All children should thank Santa with a plate of delicious cookies, along with a glass of milk and perhaps a few carrots for his reindeer. This cookie pocket mug will help you teach your children that it’s important to give to others and to show gratitude for the gifts they were lucky enough to receive on Christmas.

5. Give away this adorable Santa mug to anyone. Spread the Christmas spirit by surprising a friend or family through gifting him or her one of these Santa gifts. Let your little ones smile receiving one! It’s much more than simply serving milk and cookies – you’re making cherished memories! Perfect Christmas kitchen gifts!

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