Elf Christmas Decorations for Your Vehicle or Fireplace

1. Start your Christmas right with these cute elf Christmas decorations. Decorate your car using the adorable elf legs for car to display the holiday spirit in a funny way. They’re also great for hanging in the fireplace, buried upside-down in the front yard in the snow, sticking out of the chimney, hanging out of the trunk of your car, and more.

2. Add a humorous touch to your holiday-themed vehicle! Attach the elf decorations without damaging the place you put them. Hang it anywhere safely in your house, to your vehicle, or in the office. Make your place or vehicle more adorable with these hanging Christmas decorations! Each of the funny Christmas ornaments measures 24 inches in total length, 4 inches wide and 8 inches in the widest part.

3. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas has begun until you start decorating. Feel the Christmas spirit on your vehicle by adding this great ornament. Use it on any car, motorcycle, or bike. You’ll get plenty of attention with this Christmas car decor as you park or move your vehicle. Perfect for anyone who is looking for something a little more unique in their Christmas decor!

4. Brightly colored funny elf legs are the perfect Holiday decoration to spruce up your car. Park your car anywhere and receive a lot of compliments from people looking at the funny Christmas decor. Surprise people and watch their reaction in the rear view mirror.

5. Decorate your home with these Plush Santa and Elf Legs to get your friends and family into the Christmas spirit. These elf legs are made of high quality cotton cloth and felt cloth. You can reuse it again on the next holiday season or any special occasion. Let it stay in your house or on your vehicle as long as you want it!

Unique Christmas Car

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