Season 4 Sparkles 4 Pieces Snowflake Stocking Holder

1. Complete decorating your home getting these SET with FOUR pieces of snowflake stocking holder. These Christmas stocking holders for fireplace mantle stay steadily on your plaster mantle. The perfect decoration for your fireplace to complement your home this holiday season.
2. Hang your stockings confidently on this beautiful mantle clip stocking holder. The sturdy stocking holders for fireplace mantle have a 2-pound capacity, and it does not require adhesives to keep the stocking holder in place. It’s enough to hold a lot of stuff on your favorite Christmas stocking and last for months!
3. Don’t hesitate to get this lovely christmas stocking holder for your fireplace. With the dimensions of 5.5 H X 3.25 L x 4.9 W inches, it’s not large to overwhelm other decorations. Designed from a durable stainless steel, each stocking hook is built to withstand full stocking stuffers, being just the right size for your stockings and mantle.
4. Sparkle your decorations with a twist of the mantel stocking holder. The snowflake design creates a unique look on your mantle and the texture and finish of the fireplace stocking holders make it a stylish decor on flat surfaces.
5. Spread the holiday spirit as you give a friend the christmas stocking hanger. They’ll love the design and how it fits their living room. A great choice of gift during the Christmas season. Perfect way for displaying stockings so Santa can reach them!

Sturdy Christmas Stocking

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