Acknowledging Stressful Situations – Conduct a stress audit

A big
part of handling difficult situations is to accept the challenging situation
and decide to gain control. Sometimes, stressful situations appear unexpectedly
yet they need to be dealt with. To deal with such situations, you must accept
their existence.Your first challenge is to notice and accept that the tension


Noticing Your Tension


You will
discover your stress levels rising when you start getting irritable and tense.
You may also experience difficulty with sleep. ~Other signs may include
feelings of agitation, anger and headache.


Deal with it


ignore the warning signs. It is a big mistake to do so.


Get out
your notebook and conduct a stress audit on yourself. When did the feeling
start? What are the likely sources of the stressful situation? Is it at home,
work or at school? Who is present when you experience stressful situations? Who
make it worse? Who make it better? What makes it worse? What makes it better?
When do these situations happen?

If you can complete a stress audit, you are halfway through your problem


stressful situations at home

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