Did you understand that Nona’s menu is more than just pizza?

Italian suppers that will make your mouth water

While we might have an outstanding credibility for the pizzas that we serve, we are likewise known for our tasty home-style Italian cooking, and we have some incredible Italian dishes that you can order through our website.You can pick from spaghetti,

lasagna, ravioli, or mostaccioli. When choosing one of these pasta dishes, you will have the option of a supper, which will serve a single person, or you can go for a bucket, which will serve around 3 people. No matter which choices you go for, your scrumptious Italian feast is going to be served with Romano cheese and bread rolls.Mostaccioli So, let us tell you a little bit more about the 4 pasta options if

you are not someone who has

Italian cooking a lot: Spaghetti– We are sure that you are most likely familiar with spaghetti. This thin and long type of cylindrical noodle pasta is one

of the most popular foods in Italian food! Just like other pasta, water and milled wheat is utilized to make spaghetti, and it is typically enriched with minerals and vitamins. Refined flour is utilized, which is what makes the pasta white. There are various dishes that can be delighted in with spaghetti, and when you order your food from Nona’s Pizza and Catering, you will be able to pick from various sauces, along with the addition of meat or mushrooms, depending upon your preferences.Lasagna– Lasagna is a traditional and tasty Italian meal that includes lasagna pasta, which is pasta in the form of broad strips and sheets, as well as a cheese sauce and vegetables or meat.Ravioli– Another type of pasta that we serve, which is a standard part of Italian cuisine, is ravioli. This kind of pasta is like a little pasta envelope, with minced meat or cheese usually inside.

You can likewise get ravioli pasta that has fish and veggies inside too. The ravioli is then generally rounded off with a tasty sauce.Mostaccioli– Lastly, the other type of pasta that we are pleased to serve to you here at Nona’s Pizza and Catering is mostaccioli. This is a tubular pasta, so it is very comparable to penne and ziti. A great deal of individuals like this sort of pasta due to the fact that the sauce and the meat gets trapped inside of the small holes, guaranteeing you get a flavorsome mouth full each and every time you tuck into your meal. Other delicious dinner options we have at Nona’s Pizza and Catering We know that it is not just about Italian cooking when it comes to enjoying a great meal. Some individuals choose other cuisines, and we always aim to please everyone. We have a number of yummy dinner options for you to choose from


, including: Fish & Chips Supper– 3-Piece Cod served with French Fries, Cole Slaw & a Supper Roll Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp Supper– 6 Jumbo Shrimp served with French French fries, Cole Slaw & a Dinner Roll Chicken Tender Supper– 5 Chicken Tenders served with French French fries, Cole Slaw & a Supper Roll Chicken Wing Dinner– 8 Piece Wings served with

French Fries, Cole Slaw & a Dinner Roll Attempt one of our scrumptious baked submarine sandwiches If you enjoy bread as

much as we do, our baked submarine sandwiches are going to tick the box! These sandwiches are ideal & if you are wanting to treat yourself at lunch time, or you wish to have a sub and some french fries for your supper. Hey &, you can even

take pleasure in one for a late breakfast if you wish!All of the submarine sandwiches that we serve are made fresh to order, and


we have a number of tasty choices for you to choose from. This consists of all of the following: Chicken Sub Italian Sausage Sub Pizza Sub– Made with generous portions of pepperoni, pizza sauce & cheese.Ham & Cheese Sub– Virginia baked ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo & onions.BLT Sub– Traditional bacon, lettuce, and tomato.Chicken Parm Sub– Chicken, parmesan, and traditional cheese.Veggie Sub Steak & Cheese Sub Italian Sub Meatball Sub– Topped with homemade meatballs and traditional cheese.

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