Eric Maddox Talks Army Interrogation Method to Get Prisoner Saddam Hussein to Talk

After more than 2,500 interrogations, former Army Ranger and Interrogator explains how he did it.

David talks with Eric Maddox, a U.S. Army veteran who served in Baghdad interrogating members of Saddam Hussein’s inner circle.

In the clip below, Eric shares his secrets to getting prisoners to talk, from his work in more than 2,500 interrogations during the Iraq war

“All I do in interrogations is I flip the script and say, “If you cooperate with me, I help you. I’m going to get you out of here. If you don’t cooperate with me, you’re never going anywhere.” “Wait a second, Eric, what if they’re guilty?” They all know something.”

“If you do not cooperate with me, you’re guilty of one thing, not helping me. I don’t care what you do out there. I can’t control what you did. I can’t control what I can prove. All I can prove is what you’re going to do for me here. You know something that helps me. As long as you give me everything I need, I’m getting you out of here.”

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