Information on How To Get Your Business Name and Business Idea Off The Ground

I always thought that having DaveTheNurse would be a fun name for a host for a business, but I went through more steps to check on a possible name for the actual business.

I eventually chose The Health & Wealth Academy for the business name, but as you’ll see in the clip, I went through a shortlist of names that didn’t quite make the cut.

If you’re having difficulties with researching a name for your business, consult a lawyer or an SEO specialist. Both will likely be able to help you!

To learn more about growing a business, sign up for the full VIP Master Bundle course on the Health & Wealth Academy site. To stay on top of daily insights, check out our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter.

HAW Academy offers courses designed for experienced nursing professionals, student nurses, and entrepreneurs on how to thrive within a Nurse-based business.

Learn more at

nurse staffing

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