Upstate Marketing Agency Offers 1 Month Free As Online Ordering System Launches

In a slightly different approach to launching its Restaurant VIP online ordering system, Emorej Digital Business Solutions, LLC, a Marketing Agency in Upstate South Carolina has decided it will Offer 1 month Free to restaurants interested in having their own online ordering system, and this will begin on April 1, 2021.

Where most businesses continue to struggle with traditional methods during Covid-19, Emorej Digital Business Solutions has always embraced “out of the box” strategies and is comfortable leveraging the power of digital marketing., Emorej has decided to be a little bolder with it’s Restaurant VIP online ordering system launch.

Toney Robinson, Owner/CEO at Emorej Digital Business Solutions, LLC, says: “We wanted to be bold with our Restaurant VIP online ordering system launch because let’s face it! There are many agencies that say they can help businesses drive customers to their offers, but the issue is that it’s difficult for local businesses to invest money in companies they don’t trust during this uncertain time. So, the popular strategy used by most agencies is to “shout the loudest promise” and hope to persuade potential clients to take a chance with them. We’re confident in what we do and the power of what we do to not only generate new customers but also to nurture existing customer relationships to keep them choosing our clients. What better way to show our belief in our system than to offer it FREE for 30 days and let the client decide if there is value in the system and if they would like to pay for it.”

It is really an amazing opportunity because this system is a real no-brainer that will work in local markets with no risk to restaurant owners, It will go great unless no one takes advantage of it because they want to continue struggling!”

Emorej Digital Business Solutions, LLC has always made a point of standing out when compared to other Marketing Agencies in the Upstate South Carolina area. This launch opportunity is just one of the many ways it does so.

Mr. Robinson said, “Just as many Upstate South Carolina residents look to find ways to give back during this pandemic, this is our way of giving back to our local economy and providing support for hard-working businesses that have made the upstate area such an amazing place to live. Many of which, now find themselves struggling after being hit hard by Covid restrictions”

Emorej Digital Business Solutions, LLC has been serving the Upstate South Carolina area since 2014. To date, it has served dozens of local businesses as well as businesses in other areas of the country. All have benefited from the unique strategies developed specifically for each individual client. Over the years Emorej has become recognized as “The solution to your marketing challenges”.

Mr. Robinson also said: “While Emorej Digital Business Solutions, LLC may not be the only business with this kind of offering, local businesses are choosing Emorej Digital Business Solutions, LLC because we have a genuine desire to grow their business while growing a relationship with them that lasts. Their long-term success is important to us..”

When asked about the Restaurant VIP online ordering system, Mr. Robinson said: “We’re sure it’s going to be a success because our online ordering system will free local restaurants from the burden of paying hefty commissions to popular delivery services that have taken advantage of the desperation of restaurants during the pandemic. Those commissions seriously cut into the bottom line of local business, but with our system, the restaurants get to keep all of their generated revenue.”.

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