Use an Equine Massage Gun to help de-stress your horse!

Did you know that using an equine massage gun
on your equine daily can reduce their stress? With today’s high-stress
lifestyles and living in a fast-pace world, massage therapy is one of
the best forms of treatment you can indulge your horse in to help
de-stress them, relieve tension, and help improve performance.

Using a massage gun on a horse
can help relieve tension in their muscles, help them relax, relieve
stress and anxiety, and reduce muscle soreness. Massage therapy is also
known for releasing natural painkillers in the body and can even boost
your equine’s immune system.

It is recommended to consult with your Veterinarian to confirm if
massage therapy is right for your equine and be sure to inform them of
any medical conditions your horse may have.

Therapeutic equine massages can help in the physiological well-being
of horses as well as rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial tension.
Therefore, both competition horses and pleasure horses can benefit from equine massage therapy.
Most massage techniques were common among human athletes and later were
introduced to equine practitioners and managers as a medical and
holistic approach in the physiological and mental well-being of these
elite animals.

Read more at Brandenburg Equine.


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