Buford GA Functional Medicine Doctor – Ground Breaking Program For Integrative Medical Healing Launched

Duluth, Georgia-based health and lifestyle guidance practice Conscious Medicine has expanded its functional medicine program for local Buford patients. The plan is structured around integrative medical practices, aiming to facilitate healing by addressing underlying health and wellness issues.

For more information see https://consciousmed.co/i-medicine

The newly expanded program ensures that the Buford community is fully supported with integrative healthcare. Led by Dr. Truc Nguyen, a prominent functional medicine doctor, the practice promotes better health by focusing on the causes of conditions rather than solely treating symptoms.

Its Investigative Medicine program is designed to prevent chronic disease and accurately analyze existing conditions through a combination of functional medicine care, integrative medicine and nutritional planning. Over a 90-day period, the Duluth healthcare providers target specific wellness and lifestyle-centered solutions via in-person and virtual treatments.

Conscious Medicine places the empowerment of health and wellness at the forefront of its care plans. The practice emphasizes that optimal treatment paths are unique to each patient. Staff are equipped to advise on recommended activities, lifestyle changes, supplements, and any necessary medicative programs to meet patient needs.

Buford residents can benefit from the center’s comprehensive approach to functional medicine. After working to identify health concerns, Dr. Nguyen and her team design a personalized treatment plan based on facets such as the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and potential psychological stressors.

Patients have reported success in the treatment of conditions ranging from heart disease and insomnia to thyroid issues, high blood pressure, chronic stress, and more. According to the practice, the vast majority of patients have observed a reduction in their symptoms within three months of starting the I-Medicine program.

One satisfied patient said of Conscious Medicine and Dr. Truc Nguyen: “She has put me at peace of knowing there are doctors out there who listen to what our symptoms are, and want to get to the root causes of our problems.”

With the latest announcement, Conscious Medicine continues to expand its functional medicine care for patients in Buford and nearby. In addition to its I-Medicine program and integrative medicine lifestyle adjustments, the practice offers custom neuromuscular rebalancing therapies.

Interested parties in and around Buford are invited to visit https://consciousmed.co/i-medicine to learn more.

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