Marketing Your Painting Business in the COVID-19 Environment

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has caused major transformations in businesses and industries around the world. The need to adapt to the changing times has affected virtually every sector of the global economy. In the case of commercial and residential painting contractors, the current environment offers many new and unforeseen opportunities to enhance company growth, brand recognition, and profits despite the hurdles faced in dealing with a slower economy, social distancing, the need to wear protective masks, and other issues. The following information is designed to help commercial and residential painting contractors market their businesses, preserve or improve their profit margins, and represent their companies as safe, reliable options for businesses, organizations, and private individuals to hire in the current COVID-19 environment.

Build strong brand awareness of your company among consumers

Develop a brand that leaves an indelible impression in the minds of potential customers. In doing so, make certain that your brand clearly reflects your personal values and shows consumers your company’s most winning attributes, such as a strong emphasis on following health and safety regulations in the current global environment. Creating a clearly defined character for your business through well-thought-out brand development will allow your clients to connect and engage with you and your staff and gain a sense of loyalty to your brand. The more consumers become conscious of your brand, the better they will understand your pricing structure, the quality of your work, your emphasis on health and safety, and the personal values that provide the foundation of your operation. In the process, they’ll feel more attracted to your brand and become eager to do business with you.

The level of loyalty shown by customers grows with a brand’s increasing age. So, if your company is relatively new to the market, you’ll need to persuade consumers that your business has much more to offer than your competitors in terms of quality of service, reliability, competitive pricing, and other factors that relate to your specific market demographic. And even if your business has been around for a while, your company will reap abundant rewards if you work to build up consumer recognition of your existing brand.

Instead of just being a logo, a color scheme, or a cover photo on Facebook, a brand represents the way you make your clients feel about your business, and it is developed by using a uniform approach in all the contacts customers make with your company. That being said, you do also need to make sure that you have a consistent and eye-catching logo, a pleasing color scheme, an engaging bio, a standard text or boilerplate, and an easily recognized company name. Some businesses like to alter their logo’s style slightly to suit the characteristics of different networks, depending on the size of the given photo space and the concerns of the specific audiences they’re trying to reach. Whatever you choose to do in this respect, the most important element is to ensure that all of your company’s profiles have a common theme that consumers can always identify as relating specifically to your brand.

The process of building your own brand involves the following basic steps:
Carefully study your target audience and competition.
Determine your brand’s main focus and personality or character.
Select a name for your business that’s easy to recognize and remember.
Create a catchy and upbeat company slogan.
Decide on your brand’s appearance (colors and font).
Design your brand logo so as to be both memorable and attractive.
Apply your branding throughout all the phases of your business.

Produce a well-written and highly informative blog

Another one of the most effective methods for building brand identity is maintaining a blog, which provides a focal point for you to give consumers advice, tools, and information related to your field and business. Keeping a blog also has the advantage of increasing your rank on search engines. A well-written and informative business blog can enhance your image as a trustworthy brand and also provide an effective approach that employs content marketing to expand your brand’s online presence.

Produce instructional videos to post on your website and on social media

As the acceptance and use of online video grow worldwide, companies need to create a well-defined strategy for conducting video marketing, especially in the realm of social media. Generating your own attention-grabbing, high-quality video content is the ideal means to stay relevant in the increasingly competitive paint-contracting market. The recent upsurge in new video platforms and formats like IGTV, Vimeo, and TikTok offers vast untapped opportunities for building your brand. In your videos, you can introduce viewers to cutting-edge services that you offer, such as the installation of top-quality whiteboard coated walls in all types of settings.

Contribute to internet forums to engage with current and potential customers

Join forums and tell your company’s story – who founded it, where and how it began, your plans for future growth, and so on. Discuss your company’s values and policies both in the forums and on the ‘About Us’ page of your company website. By implementing this strategy, you can help to present yourself and your business as an efficient and highly conscientious agency through which customers can get their painting work done safely and professionally during the challenging COVID-19 period.

Other ways to improve your marketing strategy

Painting contractors face intense competition in promoting their businesses these days when online marketing is no longer just an option but a vital necessity, and simply having a company website is not enough. It’s now necessary for businesses to have a broad social media presence, create persuasive ad campaigns, and have an effective long-term online advertising scheme. Moreover, in the Covid-19 context, you’ll have to adjust your normal approach to online marketing. Since the pandemic began, online platforms have seen a sharp increase in traffic and sales. You can take advantage of this trend by doing the following.
1. Expand and enhance your existing high-performing ads.
2. Find new sales leads and expand your present email marketing list.
3. Generate new ads for your business and enlarge the size of your target audience.
4. Publish strongly positive customer reviews about your brand.

Conduct an in-depth analysis of your competition

To survive as a company, the quality and service provided by your painting business need to be superior to that of your competitors. Take advantage of the Covid-19 situation to check out what your competitors are doing to adjust to the changing times. All you need to do is search online for painting companies in your area. Then carefully examine their websites to determine what they’re doing that differs from your approach, and feel free to improve and expand on their methods in terms of pricing, services, products, and marketing strategies such as branding.

Choose a niche market and become a specialist in that area

To set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, you need to become the best and most unique brand among the many painting companies operating in your area. And one way to do so is to become a specialist. The various types of painting jobs generally available include interiors, exteriors, private buildings, office buildings, and others. After studying the varieties of work that your competitors are doing, you can choose a specific painting niche among the many categories available. You may specialize, for instance, in installing dry erase coatings in both commercial and residential structures. There may be as few as 1,000 local jobs open in this specialized corner of the market. However, there are probably no more than a couple of contractors offering such a painting service in your area. So, the odds of your being hired are good, especially during the current COVID-19 era, when many people are working and teaching at home, and high-quality whiteboard walls in private residences are growing rapidly in use and popularity.

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