What Is The Lovers Tarot Card About?

The first reaction will likely be to interpret this card as a symbol of love however, just like love however, it doesn’t possess a simple nature. It is not just that love take various forms, but love of a person can signal important or difficult choices ahead in your life. This is bad in the sense that the choices it suggests are generally mutually exclusive, pathways to two different futures, but also beneficial, since it also confirms that at the very least one of these paths will lead you to a good place. As such, if you spot that in your portfolio, you should be aware of it and do not be afraid. It tells a story of tough choices that are likely to be difficult, but the best decision and positive outcome is within your reach. The Lovers card depicts a naked man and woman sitting across from one another. The woman appears under an apple tree, accompanied by snakes, which evokes the Garden of Eden. The man is standing before a tree with twelve trefoil flames, which represent the twelve zodiac signs and the fiery passion that defines his destiny. Above the figures there is an angel in the air, Raphael, who looks at the two as he blesses them. Air is closely associated with communication, and is a pillar of healthy relationships. In the background , we can see the mountain, which is a phallic symbol — as well as a river, which represents femininity. The Lovers card symbolizes the unification of two forces that are at odds, as well as the fleeting pleasure of one moment before it gets corrupted. If you draw this card it’s a sign that you are at a major crossroads: the choices you’re soon to make may change the direction of your life. The Lover can also signify that you’re someone who makes choices from the heart. This card represents a passionate and sensual person who is susceptible to making rash decisions and easily succumbs to attraction. The Lovers represent harmony, love, and perfection in a relationship. Your partner and you are soulmates. Your relationship is based on deep love and trust, which gives you the power to face the challenges you face together and to empower one another. The Lovers may also mean that a sexual relationship can develop into something more, as there is a foundation of mutual attraction. This passion could develop into genuine intimacy, so you recognize the importance of open communication. A crucial career decision usually occurs on the Lovers card. Because it is part of the Major Arcana, your choice should not be made in a hurry, since it can have far reaching consequences. Be true to your heart and follow your passion. This will bring you happiness and success in the long term. Sometimes, the best option is the one that initially appears more challenging. The Lovers could be a sign a business partnership will be a fruitful one, and that both of you are in it for the long haul. The Lovers symbolize mutual attraction not just between two people, but between you and money. If you have been short in cash lately, help is coming your way but only if seek help and explain your problems to somebody else. This is also the perfect moment to consider taking the risk of financial investment, like creating your own company, soliciting a loan or going back to the school you attended.

the lovers tarot card

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