What Is Transformational Leadership?

What Is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership has become an increasingly important theory in organizations today. It has emerged as a key theory for many senior managers and business leaders, and many members of various groups. Transformational leadership theory is a positive model of leadership in which a senior leader uses several organizational resources to catalyze change, establishing a clear vision for the organization to guide that change through inspired leadership, and then executing the transformation in tandem with dedicated, committed leaders of a team; it’s also a key component of the Full Range Management Model. Anyone can implement transformational leadership in any organization. A positive outcome is a byproduct of using appropriate resources to implement transformational leadership.


The most important resource in this theory is the leader himself. He must be an inspired leader who inspires and guides his employees. Transformational leadership is also effective when leaders inspire their followers. Employees, following a successful leader, will help each other by taking actions that foster teamwork and communication.

By using various tools and techniques, a transformational leadership expert may accomplish his overall goal. For instance, if an organization is about to implement some major changes, an executive may use meetings or seminars to bring together his employees in the next phase of the organization’s future success. He can organize an employee forum that brings together the entire workforce to take on new challenges and opportunities. A leadership expert might also use seminars or workshops to teach team skills and organizational development. This training program can bring a team together to discover and document their collective strengths, weaknesses, etc., which they can use to strengthen their ability to function as a unit.

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