Hog Hunting Supplies Goes Online

When you are quarantined for months, what do you do? You can gain weight (did that), lose weight and get in better shape (later I did that too), learn to speak a new language (I did not do that), or watch a crap ton of Netflix (I did that). 

What you really could do as well is find something you enjoy such a hog hunting and create an online “boutique” business around it. Well, that’s exactly what I and two old friends decided to do. Strike Dog Hunting was created in concept about 2 years ago. But in actuality, it became real in 2020. It’s a simple online store without an overwhelming selection of items that cater to hog hunters. Obviously, that’s a very specific niche but in 38 of our great 50 state country, feral hogs are an absolute destructive menace. The damage they cause to farmland is into the billions and their population explosion is damn near catastrophic. States like Texas and Louisiana are pleading with hunters to please pick up a gun or knife and do you part. 

So we adopted the battle cry hog war 365 as Louisiana (our base of operations) has no hog hunting season. It’s game on all year. Hog meat better known as pork, is awesome right? So that presents a little thing we call lagniappe. That means there’s a bonus for your efforts. Besides helping local farmers contain these ravenous pests, you get a freezer full of meat. Not a bad deal.

Anyway, were’ up the big guys when it comes to any type of sporting good. We know that. We’re not quitting our day jobs just yet. But we are asking for those avid hog hunters to check us out. We’re donating a portion of our proceeds to farming organizations in need of some support. We carry everything you need except the gun. That part is up to you. 

We also have a few things you may not need but will want to have because why wouldn’t you?

Safe respectful hunting (hog or otherwise) is an ageless and important necessity. It’s an important right of passage our children should experience at least once. We certainly encourage that. For a novice hunter, hog hunting is pretty good starting point. We would suggest you first take safety courses and find an experienced hunter to hunt and learn from. IN no time you’ll be doing your duty to control these animals while bringing home the bacon.

wild pig hunting

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