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The New-York City Directory, actually published in 1786, continues to be the oldest and currently the fourth oldest surviving directory for NY. It lists 846 name in it. This content focuses on the main information on this directory.

The New York directory was printed by James Smith. He previously been an English printer working at the West Point of the American Army. He brought his office there when he left the army and lived in this city, until his death in 1791.

The most important thing about the New York directory is the fact, it records the addresses of most people living or having an office in NY. So, anybody with an address can be positioned in this directory. The name may also be entered. But only if the address is recorded by a New York city office. But this information is not needed to be entered.

THE BRAND NEW York city directory records the date and place of birth of a person. The town office records it as soon as the individual has been born. The information is not available from some sources like the Public record information office. However now, you can get this information from the internet. But, you have to pay extra charges for it.

The New York city directory also contains the names of the wife and children. In addition, it includes the name and date of marriage of the person. If there is an address or other information regarding any person in this directory, it is also included in it. However, in case there is the married person, there is no date or host to marriage recorded. So, you will not find the facts of the marriage in this directory. The married person can still be located using another source like the court house.

The New York city directory also records the date of death of an person. But you cannot get the facts of someone’s funeral from it. Some information are available right out of the obituary notice.

The New York city directory also includes information regarding marriages and divorces. If there is any marriage record of the person, additionally it is contained in it. However the information is not available in every area of the state. So, you have to look for it from the county offices in that state.

THE BRAND NEW York city directory also includes information about marriages of those who’ve been married after a specific date. It isn’t provided by the county office. But, some records are available for free and you could get these records from the court house of their state where in fact the marriage was conducted.

You can find the name and address of all the witnesses of an marriage in the New York city directory. However, the witness must be there when the marriage is registered. Otherwise, the witness wouldn’t normally be listed in the directory and you would not be able to contact him later. on.

You can also find details of birth certificates of the parents of a kid in the New York city directory if you want it. In the case of an adoption, all the folks of the family can be found in the directory.

THE BRAND NEW York city directory also includes information on the marriage license of the bride and groom. If you have an intention of marriage and you have not got one yet, you can find out information about the marriage license of the groom. from the location office.

Other than the New York city directory, you can also get marriage records of individuals from the courthouses of other states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, or even other states. The records of other cities like California or Wisconsin too are also available online. But, you need to pay extra charges for accessing these records. However, the payment is very nominal and you could access these records.

new york city directory

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