Does being vegan get rid of cellulite? If you want to reduce weight, eventually cellulite you must have considered attempting a vegan diet, replacing meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, with fruits, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, plant-based milk, etc. Make sure your plan should include high fiber, protein-based, nutritious alternatives with low calories.

Enlisted below are vegan food decreasing cellulite:


Buckwheat is a whole grain rich in protein, vitamin B, amino acid, lysine, high fiber whole grain easily digestible, burns out slowly. Apart from waist curving and filling effects, this essential nutrient excels in its combat against cellulite by extracting toxins from fat cells.


Cabbage is full of bioflavonoids powerful detoxifier, fully packed with vitamins, E, K, C, bioflavonoids not only strengthens connective tissues and capillaries, is strong antioxidant. Polyphenols present in cabbage are ‘anti-inflammatories’ decreasing cellulite.

3. SOY:

Calcium-fortified soy milk is becoming extremely popular among vegan circles. Apart from being rich in potassium, vitamin B, zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, it’s high in protein content, that helps in building muscle. Soy is ‘complete plant protein’ offering various health benefits.


Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin B6, great lump fighter, good source of zinc, potassium, Vitamin E, calcium. Protein that gives strength to connective tissues is absorbed by it. Vitamin B6 prevents water retention reducing emergence of cellulite.


These are antioxidants rich fruits, that break fat cells, strengthens connective tissues, increases blood circulation, repair cells. ‘Production of collagen’ is stimulated creating fresh skin tissue, berries are best to your skin, helps in developing skin texture & tone.

vegan cellulite diet

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