Free Yoga Intention inspired class on Youtube

Most power yoga classes begin with setting an intention. The intention may be set in child’s pose, or more often in Samastiti, standing at attention with hands at heart center and eyes closed.

Why is intention setting such an important part of the practice?

What exactly is an intention?
Intention is focused energy. It can be a blessing, a thought, a prayer or an act of consciousness that is designed to create a result or action.

Yoga Intention is an orientation coupled with activation. This means that intention is not so much asking and receiving, it is more of a honing device used to guide us in the right direction. Tuning into and setting intentions helps us to stay on course in our yoga practice.

When we set an intention on our yoga mat, we may take that with us into our day and notice how it influences us. For example, practicing with peace will translate to behaving in a peaceful manner throughout our day. What a beautiful way to live each day.

Enjoy the class and share with friends!

Free yoga intention class

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