Chapter Nine Hasting Farmers Market -Luc the French Baker

Chapter 9 tells the story of how Billy the Irish man launched Hastings Farmers Market local market and witnessed it progress  past his expectations.  It is a multi-cultural venue of eccentric people.

In this story of Chapter 9, Luc, the French Baker, shares his story of coming to Barbados and setting up his bakery. He produces some of the best french bread you will find anywhere- My favorite is his sourdough.

Luc is not alone, there are about a dozen vendors who enhance the narrative with their own colourful character. It is a mini-United Nations with artisans from all over mingling with visitors from everywhere.

Hastings Market located beside the South Coast Boardwalk, a favourite place to stroll along the seashore. People amble, jog, stop to stare, or race along for their daily workout. Tropical plants, sea grapes, spider lilies, yuka, sea cabbage, ferns, and ground cover create a mystical outside experience. In the center of the boardwalk is the bandstand. From there, and on either side, one can see the bright pink Santa Neta apartments, the ArtSplash Learning Center, a patio cafe, and the farmers market.

 Rogues Chapter Nine Hasting Farmers Market -Luc the French Baker

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