What Happens When You Gain Weight On PURPOSE? with Drew Manning Get Naked in Business Podcast

Author, trainer & founder of Fit2Fat2Fit, Drew Manning is back to get naked for the second time! This time, Drew is back on the weight gain train! I know, I know…you’re probably thinking, “Who wants to GAIN weight?!” Well, Drew does. Why? Because he wants to expose some of the popular diets that exist right now. He wants to show people the common mistakes that are made when attempting to lose weight through those diets. Listen to the end to hear his ultimate goal. Be sure to follow Drew’s Fit2Fat2Forty journey!!


[00:02:15] Why Is Drew Gaining Weight Again?[00:04:57] How Is It Affecting His Mental & Emotional State?[00:10:06] Advice For People Struggling Right Now[00:14:28] How Does Drew Quiet The Voices In His Head?[00:19:42] Number #1 Think He Hopes To Gain

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About Get Naked Podcast

Welcome to the Get Naked In Business video podcast.

So the big question is… how do entrepreneurs like us, who built our businesses from the ground up, who spend our own capital, who want to make a huge impact on this world, how do we do all that and create a great income?

My mission for this podcast is to interview amazing entrepreneurs who are willing to get naked in front of the mirror, jump up and down, and let the real, raw insights all hang out. Insights to help accelerate your business growth.

My name is David Asarnow and welcome to Get Naked In Business. I’m glad you’re here… now it’s time to get naked! GetNakedInBusiness.com

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