Quit Smoking Aids – What You Should Know

And now you’re beginning to wonder if you’ve put it off so long that quitting isn’t going to gain you anything. Having support is a great way to back up your quitting smoking plan, and can keep you on track. This may include nicotine gum, nicotine patches or the quit smoking laser. But have you tried hypnosis? Hypnosis is a very effective method. A major research study found hypnosis was 3 times more effective than nicotine patches.

Another part of self help stop smoking using hypnosis is to start auto suggesting things to exchange for lighting up a cigarette. When I stopped smoking weed my skin color changed and my cheeks returned to their normal color, in the first week that I quit smoking weed a non smoker and a smoker friend commented on how my skin had cleared up and how much healthier I looked. Still they ignore the signs and continue to smoke until they realize how unhealthy they have become. You need to begin putting it into your subconscious that if you continue to smoke then you are going to be killing yourself slowly as well as all of those around you when you are smoking

Smoking is a physical act, your hands and your lips are involved in it. Most people have to make at least four attempts to quit via the cold turkey method before they are finally able to quit. Rather, we can see that getting started with a tested and proven quit smoking program more than triples the success rate of using patches or other nicotine replacement products! You can use an online hypnosis course.

Studies have shown that up to 70% of smokers say that they want to give up smoking. In the case of acupuncture and laser therapy, there is little evidence that these methods work and they both require physical interference. Use hpnosis and stop smoking for good.

hypnosis to quit smoking

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