Listing Domination Secrets in Real Estate Revealed Pt. 6/7

In this video, Million Dollar agent coach Blake Cory continues to explain and break down his 7-Step System for listing domination. Part 6 – Presentation.

So, if you want to learn more about the 7-Step System for Listing Domination in Real Estate, you’re in the right place.

Here is the full live stream presentation

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0:00 – Intro
0:15 – The 7-step listing lesson overview
2:20 – Blake’s experience in previous big brokerages
3:28 – The importance of having a coach that is actually doing the right thing
4:25 – The worry-free listing brochure
4:44 – The 3 stages to the actual presentation
5:20 – What’s inside the Worry-free Brochure
5:58 – The 3 attachments in the brochure
6:07 – 1st: Worry-free addendum
6:55 – 2nd: The listing questionnaires
7:10 – 3rd: Cancelation guarantee
7:25 – Semi breakdown of the Worry-free brochure pages
10:23 – The flexible commission plan
11:21 – Anytime cancelation
11:54 – Sale by owner objection
12:15 – Maximum marketing guarantee
14:22 – Blake’s story on Zillow reviews
15:49 – Professional photography option
15:57 – Listing presentation summary
17:05 – Closing remarks
17:52 – 4 Pillars of success when it comes to real estate 1-hour training
19:28 – Closing remarks


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