CoLaborator, Inc. Ambassador Program

CoLaborator, Inc. is looking for Ambassadors to assist with spreading the word about our services. The Ambassador Program’s objective is to multiply the Social Media visibility of CoLaborator, Inc., the Entrepreneur Partner’s content that we work with, and to increase the Ambassador’s influence. 

CoLaborator, Inc, is also known as “The CoLaborator”, a virtual venture studio-like entity that co founds, incubates, accelerates and funds emerging companies. We partner with entrepreneurs and service providers to build businesses that we own and exit together.

In your efforts as an ambassador, when someone is interested in any of the services that CoLaborator, Inc. offers, you will be credited with that sale. That sale is what makes you a partner, because it attaches you to that project. The ambassador now has a new vested interest in making sure the relationship is a success.

The CoLaborator, Inc. Ambassador Program Circular is attached, feel free to enlarge it to read or download it.

Connect and message me if interested in working with us as an Ambassador of CoLaborator, Inc.

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