Safe Co-Sleeping for Babies and New Parents With Baby Side Bed

For new parents, being close to their baby is a priority.
That includes being close to the baby during sleeping hours. The notion of
co-sleeping refers to sleeping with your baby close to you, often with a reach
of your arm. Co-sleeping generally means the baby is near, but in a different
bed, a baby side bed.

More parents have been adopting this practice of
co-sleeping, with the infants sleeping nearby in a baby side bed. This aligns
with the guidelines set out by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which
advises parents not to sleep with a new baby IN a parent’s bed, for obvious
reasons. Let’s look at some of the benefits of co-sleeping arrangements.

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Ideally, as a baby sleeps in a bedside sleeper next to the
parents’ bed, the baby receives feelings of comfort, security and reassurance.
Having the baby near to the parents’ bed gives the parents the ability to calm
the baby without having to stand up and walk over to an unattached crib across
the room or in another room.

Also, as both baby and parents sleep more soundly, this
shared sleep provides benefits to both. The parent is at arm’s length in order
to calm the baby if it awakes, and slowly massage the baby back to sleep. The
baby gains a more balanced development in the early months of life, without
sleep anxieties or other issues arising.

Find the Right Baby Side Bed

At babybay, we take co-sleeping very seriously. Our babybay baby
side bed is one of the leading co-sleeping beds made for infants, and it’s
largely because of the high attention of quality materials we put into the bed.

We make our babybay beds with untreated solid beech wood.
This means the wood is untreated, made from sustainably managed forests, and is
pollutant-free. Our babybay bed features 10 different adjustable height
positions, giving parents the flexibility to adjust to the parent bed size. If
you want to move the babybay around your living space, you can also pick up an optional
side safety gate and castor wheels set for extra mobility.

If you’re a new parent, you owe it to yourself to check out
a new babybay baby side bed. Our beds are solid and durable, and the quality
wood design enhances the bedroom’s aesthetics. The co-sleeper can also be
turned into a bassinet bed or play crib as your baby grows. Learn more about
the babybay baby side bed today.

Safe Co Sleeping with a Co Sleeper Bed

Co sleeping is an ancient practice. Sharing the parent’s bed
with an infant was the norm in all societies prior to the 1700s according to a
1995 study published by the Official Journal of the Royal College of Midwives.

In many countries and cultures, co-sleeping and using a co
sleeper bed is still widely practiced, where the benefit for both babies and
mothers can still be seen today. Medical and scientific evidence suggests that
co-sleeping (sleeping in close quarters with baby and parent) has many benefits
that the Western practice of leaving infants alone in a room of their own does

In fact, babies who co sleep are often reported to seem
happier than babies who don’t. Lactation consultants, doulas, midwives, and
safe sleep professionals recommend the babybay co sleeper bed for safe
co-sleeping practices. The babybay is an eco-friendly, non toxic baby %LINK%
that allows parents and their newborn to sleep side by side at night, but in
separate spaces. This is safe co-sleeping at its best.

Though there are dangers associated with certain types of
co-sleeping, not all co-sleeping was created equally. Bed-sharing and
couch-sharing have proven to be dangerous for babies, occasionally leading to

Safe co-sleeping, or room-sharing, ensures that the infant
is close to his or her parents, but not directly in bed with them, where
overheating or suffocation from sheets being pulled up too high may occur. A
bedside sleeper or co sleeper bed allows for safe co-sleeping to take place,
giving baby his or her own crib space, while snuggled up right next to the
parent’s bed.

Learn more about the babybay co sleeper bed on our website.

So this is how you buy Metal Beds

Sizes in metal beds

We are all different, some short, some tall and some in between.

So how do we go about working out what bed is best for us.

Let’s see, shall we.

Sizes in Metal Beds


Metal Beds come in different sizes, so what bed is right for you.

You have:

  • 2ft 6inch Small Single Beds
  • 3ft Single Beds
  • 4 ft Small Double Beds
  • 4ft 6inch Double Beds
  • 5ft King size Beds
  • 6ft Super King size Beds

As you can see, there are more than enough metal bed sizes to choose from.

Are you looking for a metal bed that fits into a small space, or are you used to a big bed?

So many choices…

Metal beds have an old world charm about them, in fact they have been around for a very long time.

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metal bed base

Can you really get custom size Duvet Covers

Custom size duvet covers, who would have thought…

Why not!

You can get so many duvet covers in the stores and online now.

But what if you want something different, original.

Let’s talk about this.

Custom size Duvet Covers and You

It’s not always that easy to find a website that allows you to create and customise your own made to measure duvet covers.

A duvet for your bed is similar to a comforter, with the exception that it is mostly filled with down.

And can come with a cover that is called a duvet cover.

Which has been made to protect the duvet from getting dirty and also
acts as a cover-sheet, eliminating the need for a separate sheet if you
so choose…

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custom size bed cover

Double Air Beds that will Rock your Socks off!

Ever heard of double air beds before?

What is an air bed anyway…

Do you float on air?

That would be nice but the best thing we can do is the air bed mattress.

Let’s have a look.

Double Air Beds are Air Mattresses

Many are still confused about the difference between an air mattress and an Air Mattress Bed.

Air Mattresses:

Are great in a pinch but provide minimal comfort and support and are more for portable use rather than a permanent sleep system.

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Sheet Thread Count Explained/If The Roman Emperor Only Knew

You can picture the emperors of their day laying around and having
grapes fed to them. Luxurious silks and sheets adorned their living

What would they have thought about a sheet thread count if it existed
in their days… how many slaves would they have put to walk in the
factories to create the bed sheets that they would have dreamed of?

How many kingdoms would they have conquered for that thread count Explained/If The Roman Emperor Only Knew secret?

Pest Control Tips– Do not lose sleep over bed bugs

Bed bugs are the kind of parasite that could not cross your mind unless you are circumnavigating the world, yet as opposed to being a distant memory bed bugs are in fact boosting in the UK and coming to be a real pest control problem.

While bed bugs were once a typical bug trouble in the UK, they had mostly been gotten rid of from houses, however an increase in traveling has actually seen a rather quick rise in records of neighborhood invasions in Birmingham, Manchester, London, Bristol as well as across lots of parts of the UK.

Just how to spot a bed pest

Regardless of their name, you can in fact locate bed bugs basically anywhere. It prevails to discover bed bugs on mattresses, bedding as well as furnishings but they can also be found in installations as well as individual products, such as travel suitcases as well as children’s toys.

Nevertheless, it is their behavior of feeding on the blood of people as they sleep that has earned them the name ‘bed bugs’. Seeing the body as a food source they will certainly take blood as people rest in bed, leaving small bite marks where they have actually fed.

As they can increase to 10 days without feeding, bed bugs will certainly typically not be found in the bed however in the bordering location– that makes eliminating them challenging.

The most noticeable indication that you might have a bed bugs problem is the appearance of small red bug bites on your body. These can be rather numerous as well as scratchy.

In enhancement to bites, you might see places of blood or brown areas on the bed.

Where do bedbugs originate from?

Bed bugs are usually grabbed when taking a trip, which is why the surge in traveling has actually mainly been criticized for the increase in bedbugs Hotels and also hostels are generally the areas where individuals will get bedbugs then, unwittingly bring them house with them, either in their clothes or suitcase.

Although the danger expands to any type of public space where bedbugs might have come to be established, consisting of public transportation and also also planes.

Insect Control– Exactly how to remove bedbugs.

Once you have actually detected the indicators of an insect problem the only practical action is to seek aid from a professional pest control service as they are so challenging to locate and eliminate.

You will certainly additionally have to clean bed linens and also clothes on a high warmth– or freeze them to kill any bedbugs.

To minimise your opportunity of exposure, keep your resting location spick-and-span, while keeping in mind to vacuum your cushions moderately consistently.

Constantly inspect your baggage on return from holiday and take care when getting pre-owned furniture.

If you experience a pest problem at your office or home call Parasite Busters totally free guidance and a quick, reputable service.

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