Tips For Cutting Aluminium with CNC Router

Tekcel promises outstanding commitment to premium quality computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery solutions for the world. At Tekcel, clients can find a limitless supply of CNC routing machines and cutting solutions for a wide range of industries including graphics, print finishing, sign making, woodworking, cabinetry, metal and plastic fabrication, boat manufacture, packaging, set manufacture, and much more. In fact, Tekcel specializes in the custom design of the ideal CNC routing machine to meet any company’s needs as well as budget requirements. In addition, time and money saving features including automatic tool changing, multi-bore drill banks, material sheet loading and more can be included in the custom design.

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CNC Machining Services – Tool & Die Making Shop – by CNC CH-Tech

We are an experienced and long-standing
company founded in 2005 in Thailand, where its Swiss founders manage it.

We have a wide range of Tool and Die making Equipment and specialists in manufacturing high-precision CNC machined parts.

Swiss quality at competitive Asian prices.

What we offer:

  1. Ø  CNC Milling

  2. Ø  Wire & Die Sink EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

  3. Ø   CNC Surface Grinding

  4. Ø   CNC Profile Grinding
  5. Ø   CNC Lathe
    and much more.
  1. With our company, your order is in excellent hands. We provide a fully comprehensive manufacturing and delivery service.

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CNC Router Perth

Tekcel CNC Router Sales include TekMov, the company’s user friendly operating system offering optional touch screen control, easy to ready menus, and adjustable settings. Tekcel CNC Routers are constantly evolving. In everyday life, technology is always improving. At Tekcel, we are committed to this philosophy. Our Tekcel CNC Routing machines are designed and built for longevity. We believe in sustainable technology. Our early model Tekcel CNC machines can be upgraded with new controllers, always keeping the equipment up to date with the latest technology. Tekcel Machine Options have been developed to keep pace with ever changing industry. Many of our first edition machines built over 26 years ago are still in service today.

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CNC Machining at CH-Tech Co., Ltd. Tools & Dies Shop

CNC Machining by CH-TECH Co., Ltd., a Swiss managed service company established in Thailand. We are specialized in building high precision metal or non-metal drawing parts in Thailand & China for our global customer base. We take care of the entire order processing, cnc making, quality control, and forwarding processes.

We also build for you the bridge to an winning Mold and Die Market and guarantee Swiss Quality at affordable Asian prices.

Entrust us to become your manufacturing partner of choice. Please feel free to Contact Us for a non-binding offer.

cnc machining services

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