Your Blog + Content + This Plugin = Auto Comissions…


So you’ve got a blog…

and you’ve got some posts and content on there…

but you’re not making any commissions, profit or income yet!

You Know that you need to add some sort of monetization…

something that actually works…

and using high commission affiliate programs is the way to go

but now you’re faced with a massive task:

You need to research a relevant offer for each page and post of content have

then you need to grab the affiliate link, find the post or page for it, and open it up to edit it

then you’re going to have to go through all that content to add the affiliate links to the relevant keywords, finding them in the text, editing them and adding the new link…

and you need to do this several times for each post you have!

Let’s say it takes just 5 minutes per post…

if you’ve got just a dozen posts on your blog that’s an hours work!

If you’ve got hundreds then it’s going to take so much time you’ve got to ask whether it’s worth the effort, right..?

oh, and what happens when one of the offers you’re promoting changes…

you’ve got to go back and find EVERY post & page you used that offer on and edit ALL those links! :-O


just you can just let this amazingly simple WP Plugin do all the heavy lifting for you!

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Jay Gandesha

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budget tips for students

Blogging Tips For Part Time Work At Home

Social networking- Young adults are on practically all social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and so on. MySpace works better for musicians and young person audience. Social networking is a great way to reach your young person audience. They appreciate authors who personally connect to fans. Facebook has a targeted marketing program which advertises your item (book, in this case) to proper audience. This would cost loan though.

You may have become aware of these interchangeable terms shared, group and joint or team blogs. It simply suggests having more than one author blogging on a single blog. This is various from visitor blogging. Visitor bloggers do not have administrative control over the blog site.

The services and costs of POD companies differ widely, which is why we remain in the final phases of developing an extensive guide on self-publishing. It can be a complicated morass of information and data, with many unsubstantiated claims. The reality will be revealed.

If you take pleasure in writing, you will probably delight in writer blogs for your own website. Take a class on blogging to find out a few of the basics, such how to compose to an audience or maybe take a composing class to brush up on grammar and spelling. It is essential that the blog site has quality content. This will help it rank well in the search engines. Not only does the ability to write well assist to draw an interested audience, it likewise assists to separate the excellent quality sites from the poor quality sites on search engine results page ranking. If you are very little of a writer, leave the blogging to somebody who is.

If you discover yourself in a circumstance where you aren’t comfortable traveling on your own then it’s rather easy to find yourself some travel buddies. , if you are taking a trip in a Muslim country try and discover a female buddy.. You’ll be able to fulfill regional ladies a lot easier that way.

This is important for understanding what individuals are looking for so you can reach more of your target market. When I did the research on how cats mate (recently) I found that the number of month-to-month international searches is 14,800, and the regional regular monthly search number is 6,600. This is excellent, and what is even better is that there is a low competition, implying that no one else is really attempting to rank for it. This gives you an opportunity to get your page seen for this specific phrase, and after that you get to land a global audience of 14,800 people month-to-month! Pretty cool huh? If you do the correct on page Search engine optimization, you can get your blog on the very first page of Google. This is very important specifically if you have a product you wish to use to individuals of that target market.

This is a no-brainer. You obviously want at any time you spend reading and talking about blog sites to also contribute to your own learning and enhance your online MLM marketing abilities.

There are a great deal of advantages associated with blog marketing. You can use different techniques in order to promote out anything you desire. It is the very best method of getting income while sitting at your network. There are some people who earn money by utilizing these blog sites by adding various advertisements. Different companies or item owner pays the blog writer each time a person visit the link of his items. It is obvious that if your site will have links to the essential advertisements, the visitors will visit it but you get the advantage of it.


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