Original Sacred Geometry and Flower of Life Jewelry

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sacred geometry jewelry

Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life – a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream. – An unique totally visual publication. Read through it at its website or purchase printed copies.

Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life

This sacred geometry fully illustrated book deals with an extraordinary range of fascinating concepts associated with sacred geometry and the flower of life. Integrating the thoughts of scientists and philosophers and magicians, the book offers a modern look at the mystical tradition of the relevance of the primary patterns to enlightening the consciousness and spirit.

Fully illustrated, every page is exquisitely composed, and a preliminary reading only savoring the artistry and designs will already intrigue with important foundation concepts. There is actually no advanced maths involved at all, and a highschool degree of comprehension is the only thing that is required to comprehend the great glimpses into the nature of reality that are made effortlessly within reach here in this book.

The book opens with a bit of history, and foundation concepts such as simpleness and the importance of circles. It then explains the work of Buckminster Fuller in relation to the priority of triangular constellations to comprehending energy dynamics of systems of all types. From there the topics negotiated are as multi-dimensional as earth science, culture, artistry, technological innovation, wellness, mind training, archetypal symbols, higher dimensional space, and a whole lot more.

By visiting the web page one can read through the complete book online as it is nicely presented in a virtual book style. In case you want to hold the book in your hands then it is rather reasonably priced at $24 including worldwide postage and handling.

We live at the transition of a novel time of digital marvels predicated on a deeper understanding of the resonant nature of everything, and at the same time we acknowledge we might be about to annihilate ourselves and all that we value. The contraposition of probable destinies has probably not been this overwhelming in recollection. In a planet where a huge part of the worldwide populace are busy attempting to get through another a few days, we are blessed to have a moment to contemplate less practical matters. Throughout the writing of this booklet the author has questioned himself several times exactly what he really believes regarding Sacred Geometry, and precisely how this ancient tradition can be a power for good in this ever more troubled planet. What he imagined in his wildest fantasies, is that Sacred Geometry may become the proverbial biggest thing since rock ‘n’ roll. That human beings will discover in sacred geometry a key to accelerating the awakening of the human emotions and mind.

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