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Hear real answers to the following questions and more:

19:22 Are there new regulations that will impact existing

26:50 I am thinking about getting a trust in place. Can I
get grandfathered in with a step-up in cost basis & capital gains with my
trust in the event the new regulations take effect.

31:11 Or are there other options to consider at this point
for not getting taxed on capital gains?

51:04 If my documentation for my LLC is in place, does this
mean piercing the corporate veil it no longer possible (or likely to happen)?

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10:47 – Protecting your Wealth Today and Beyond

15:12 – Key Components of Estate Planning

27:53 – Why People Plan

31:56 – Why More People Don’t Plan

32:55 – Problems with Planning

39:38 – About Probate

40:28 – Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts

42:43 – Asset Protection for Business Owners

45:06 – Limited Liability Company (LLC)

52:23 – Life Planning Essentials

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purposes only and is not a substitute for legal, financial, or medical advice
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How to Start a Marijuana Business in Michigan

Michigan is a state that now permits certain kinds of marijuana services to operate and sell to clients. This includes both medical and recreational marijuana/cannabis centers, opening a whole world of opportunities for organisations to benefit and begin selling the drug lawfully to a possibly really large audience. If you have an interest in starting a marijuana organisation in Michigan, here’s how you’ll require to do it.

Understand Licensing

First off, you’re going to require to make sure that you comprehend the licensing and laws surrounding services cultivating and offering marijuana. There are lots of regulations in place that you’ll need to follow.

As this was something that was extremely prohibited till just recently, it makes good sense that the licensing and regulations are strong. End up being acquainted with them all as soon as possible, and you can then later work on acquiring them from the pertinent authorities.

Develop business’s Structure

Business’s structure you put in place will determine how you move forward as a company and how safe your service becomes. You want to make certain that your company is built on safe structures, which all starts with the structure you put in place. There are lots of corporate structures that you can select in between, so you should examine them all and consider which will suit your company next.

Complete a Service Strategy

Just like with any other business, you’ll require a company strategy that you can follow and that can assist you in the months and years ahead. Completing this business strategy will not only assist you to make your company effective and profitable, but it can also assist you when it comes to getting those licenses you require too. It’s about showing your organisation is being integrated in an accountable method.

Discover a Location

It makes sense to set up a place from which you can operate. This might be a headquarters for business if you’re concentrating on growing or it could be a place from which to sell marijuana to the general public. Whichever it is, having a place is an important part of the procedure as you work on getting your company off the ground for the first time. It needs to be a spot that makes offering to individuals simpler and easier for everyone.

Set Up Your Supply Chain

There’s constantly some sort of supply chain in place when you’re operating in this market, and you will require to construct yours up and find the best providers and other contacts that will assist your organisation to operate in the method you want it to. A strong and reliable supply chain will keep things running efficiently as you begin and attempt to grow your business.

Starting a cannabis organisation in Michigan could be the opportunity that you have actually been searching for. Numerous entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this opening and making a great deal of cash out of it. If you wish to step into the marijuana/cannabis sector, be sure to move through the actions noted above.


Locating the Right Marijuana Lawyer

Anyone serious about opening up a medical cannabis business in Michigan should think meticulously about the legal side of things. The industry is still in its beginnings, and there are great deals of legal issues that are puzzled or misunderstood by many individuals. Your business will not be around for long if you fall foul of the law and end up being taken to court. To help prevent that eventuality, you ought to concentrate on locating the right cannabis lawyer. They can help you when you have a legal issue or if you ever need to be represented in court.

Local Attorneys That Know the Local Legislation

It’s always best to select a legal attorney when it pertains to hiring in this particular niche. Medical cannabis legislations vary wildly from one state to another, so you don’t want to hire from a large national company because they will not have the local legal knowledge that’s so essential when you’re taking care of cannabis-related legal issues. It’s much easier to trust and also depend on good local lawyers, so do not make this mistake. It’s one that many medical cannabis businesses have regretted making in the past.

Review the Credentials of the Law Practice

Before you work with any type of lawyer, you must check out their history in addition to the background as well as track record of the legal firm they’re working for. You could really end up shooting yourself in the foot if you’re not careful. It’s necessary to be dealing with trustworthy as well as dependable individuals, so look at their credentials to see to it that everything stacks up and also they are what they claim to be. You can never be too careful.

Seek Multi-Disciplinary Legal Representatives

There are lots of law firms around, so look for attorneys that operate in various areas of law. This is something that can pay off in the long-term because you want your company to be dealing with people who have strong legal experience, as opposed to individuals that don’t know much about the law beyond the slim legal angle. Select a lawyer with a different history however a specialization in the area of cannabis law. That’s the very best method to strike the ideal balance.

Learn more about Your Attorney

You must speak with the attorney one to one before you consent to hire them. It’s always best to be dealing with people that you like as well as get along with. The interaction and cooperation will not be there if you employ an attorney that you don’t truly get along with effectively, and that’s plainly bad for your service. So do ensure you get to know them a little and also keep enhancing those working relationships.

Choosing the appropriate lawyer for your medical cannabis service is truly vital, so do not skip over this or reject it as an irrelevance. When you’re entering this market, it truly pays off to ensure that you’re always on the right side of the law. Your organisation just succeeds when you do things safely and by the book.

Wet Marijuana Still Unlawful Per MI COA

Earlier this month, the Court of Appeals, in a split choice, determined that the Michigan Medical marijuana Act does NOT protect caregivers or patients that remain in possession of wet cannabis that is in the drying out process, from prosecution. The Courts judgment in the case of People v. Vanessa Mansour determined that because wet marijuana that was in the drying out procedure was not usable marijuana, possession of wet marijuana was not protected by the MMMA.

The MMMA specifies most of the terms of the act. The term usable marijuana is specifically defined in the MMMA. The act defines usable marijuana to imply the following: “Usable marihuana” means the dried leaves, flowers, plant resin, or extract of the marihuana plant, but does not include the seeds, stalks, and also roots of the plant. The Court found that since the act chose to use the word “dried” before the remaining components, that implied that wet, undried marijuana was not a component of what the protections of the act were indicated to shield. Consequently, anybody in the marijuana business of caregiving, who is growing under the MMMA for themselves or various other registered qualifying people, is in violation of the law, if they have wet cannabis, regardless of the purpose for which you have it. Even you remain in the procedure of drying out the marijuana, if you are raided and the marijuana is wet, you could be in trouble.

The ruling is rather troublesome for a variety of factors. Initially, any caregiver that is currently growing under the MMMA, will, at some time, have wet marijuana that is drying out but not usable. Because of this, any caregiver has to comprehend that if you remain in possession of wet, non-usable marijuana, and the authorities show up, you can be detained and also the Court of Appeals has actually determined that you can be prosecuted and also sentenced for possession with intent to deliver cannabis, and that the immunity provisions of Section 4 and also Section 8 of the MMMA will certainly not protect you. Second, the issue produces concerns about the viability of the caregiving model, as well as likewise creates a troublesome scenario for caregivers applying under the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) for a growing or processing license.

Recognizing that you are caregiving, which the Courts are indicating that a component of your cultivation procedure creates you to commit, at minimum, a misdemeanor, produces potential issues for the application review process. Better, if having wet marijuana cause for criminal apprehension as well as prosecution, just how does that influence cultivators and processors that are to be licensed under the MMFLA. Ostensibly, both statutes are not interlinked therefore, there shouldn’t be any problems. However, the MMFLA utilizes the exact same “usable” marijuana definition as the MMMA. Specifically, subsection (ff) of M.C.L. § 333.27102 defines usable marijuana as follows: (ff) “Usable marihuana” means the dried leaves, flowers, plant resin, or extract of the marihuana plant, but does not include the seeds, stalks, and roots of the plant.

Consequently, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the Courts expand that MMMA definition to the MMFLA. Such a ruling down the road can put a significant kink in the medical marijuana industry under the MMFLA, likely as an outcome of a possible chilling result. The ruling clearly creates concerns for registered caregivers, and also, potentially, for MMFLA cultivators, should the Court increase this analysis to cover marijuana growing as well as processing under the MMFLA. Basically, since “wet” undried cannabis, according to the Court, does not meet the interpretation of “usable” cannabis, if authorities were to come to the location as well as find wet marijuana, you might be looking at possible criminal liability. If you are a caregiver and also are planning to proceed growing for your patients under the MMMA, as well as you have inquiries regarding the possible obligation you have under this brand-new ruling, do not wait to call our office for a consultation.

What is the MMMA and What You Ought to Know

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, also known as the MMMA, is Michigan’s biggest advocacy group for using medical cannabis. Lead by Michael Komorn, President and CEO, it initially started as an online community for caregivers and patients to share their experiences, details, and guidance on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.

The MMMA was the initial company founded to help provide a platform for patients and caregivers following the beginning of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. Since then, nevertheless, it has actually expanded not only as a community and discussion forum, yet a legal resource, information database, news outlet, and defender of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Michigan’s Online Community and Library For Medical Marijuana

Participants of the community, consisting of caregivers, patients, and legal experts like lawyers, can share their experiences and take part in discussion with the MMMA’s online forums. At the same time, the blog sites put together a host of various tales and point of views, from legal cases and statistics to interviews with medical professionals. Meanwhile, the Medical Marijuana Library is an extensive resource of details for patients, caregivers, and doctors helping them stay above the law. It includes details on qualifying conditions for the MMMP, how to obtain medical marijuana, how to become a caregiver to assist with a patient’s use of medical cannabis and much more.

The Most Up To Date MMMA Information and Updates

The MMMA also on a regular basis creates and publishes material that can supply additional info and a much deeper look at the advancement of the legal discussion around medical marijuana. The MMMA news videos supply interviews with those that have actually been in legal conflicts around medical marijuana, as well as legal pointers, such as what to do in the event of a police encounter. Meanwhile, “Planet Green Trees” is an associated podcast that often tends to go into lots of comparable events and issues on a much deeper level. Owner Michael Komorn creates and provides a lot of MMMA’s digital content, lending his legal competence to guarantee that patients and caregivers can be as informed as feasible.

Compassion Clubs

Besides getting engaged in the discussion on the online forums, the MMMA community also makes use of the website to create groups that can bring the experience of organization to their local communities. Also referred to as Compassion Clubs, these groups involve members of the MMMA inviting and engaging with non-members that are interested or in need of the Medical Marijuana Program. They encourage guests to share their experiences and voice their issues while providing the very carefully compiled details and recommendations readily available on the Medical Marijuana Library.

The MMMA Legal Defense League

Lastly, the organization has actually founded the MMMA Legal Defense League. This is a partnership between the association, Komorn Law, and several sponsors and partner law firms. Members of the League benefit not only from more thorough info and real-time updates on the medical marijuana Act from experts, but a host of low-priced legal services. This consists of complimentary consultations, discounts from sponsors and law practice, priority callbacks from the partner law office when it comes to an emergency situation, and more.

The MMMA is on the frontlines of supporting patients, caregivers, and advocates of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and Program. You can find their online forums, info archives, and much more at

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Court of Appeals Publishes New Case Regarding Custody and Acknowledgments of Paternity

The Court of Appeals in Michigan issued an opinion on December 5, 2017 regarding child custody and parenting time, where the parties have an Acknowledgment of Paternity, but no subsequent written agreement or Court Order regarding parenting time or custody. In Natassia T. Sims v. Danny Darney Verbrugge, the Court of Appeals addressed the procedure by which an acknowledged father can gain custody or parenting time after an acknowledgement of paternity is signed.

Family law

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