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Rhinoplasty refers to the changing of a person’s nose’s shape and appearance. It is a very popular and common cosmetic surgical procedure. This procedure is also called a nose job and involves reshaping the nose if a patient has issues with the size, position or shape of their nose. For example, if your nose has been broken, it can be crooked and make you insecure about your physical appearance.The size of your nose can be another reason for feeling self-conscious with your appearance, making you suffer from low self-esteem.A rhinoplasty procedure can correct this issue as it can correct any physical issues you might have with your nose. Additionally, it is a procedure that can restore normal breathing function when someone has difficulty breathing through the nose.

Generally speaking, there are more than one way in which a rhinoplasty can be performed. However, the two main procedures involve a closed or an open rhinoplasty. A closed rhinoplasty involves no external incisions in the nose. Prior to the surgery, the doctor will utilize digital images of the nose to determine the best way to perform the rhinoplasty. Local anesthetic will also be administered to numb the area. During the procedure, the doctor separates the skin from the cartilage under the nose, reshapes and resizes the nose, and may also remove a bump within the bridge area. Once the rhinoplasty is complete, the doctor will reposition the skin over the surface of the nose. Recovery usually takes a few weeks.

In his medical practice, Dr. Carson Huynh specializes in the cosmetic and reconstructive aspects of facial plastic surgery. He is double-board certified and has accumulated extensive experience in his field of study. Dr. Huynh is highly ranked in the cosmetic surgery field and was selected for a Facial Aesthetic Plastic Surgery fellowship under renowned facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. T. William Evans. Patientstrust Dr. Huynh to wholeheartedly bring about all their aesthetic dreams to light.

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