Trade Show Hanging Signs

Trade show hanging signs are a great way to draw attention and attract visitors to your exhibit, giving you an edge over competitors. Overhead signs will make you stand out, promote your brand and help customers find you.

Los Angeles-based RCS Custom Exhibits’ engineers can build any type of hanging sign, whatever your budget or industry might be. Overhead signs can be fully customized in terms of size, style and shape (rectangle, square, sphere, triangle) with your company logo and text of your choice. They are made of high quality material which is guaranteed to last. RCS’ team will take your ideas to lead your project from design to installation.

RCS Custom Exhibits has been building trade show booths and signs for major brands and trade shows from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, San Francisco and more including ES, E3, Playstation Experience and Travel Good Show, among others. You can check out their extensive trade show portfolio on

Trade show hanging signs can be delivered and professionally installed all over California as well as in Las Vegas, Nevada.

overhead hanging signs

3D Lobby Signs

3D lobby signs are a great way to make a great first impression on people visiting your business, store front, pop-up, restaurant, nightclub or trade show booth. They not only create a high-end feel, bit also increase your brand value while being visually appealing. Lobby signs can be solid or backlighted, fixed or rotating, hung or carved in walls.

Los Angeles-based rcs custom exhibits use the latest computer numerical control technology to create fully customizable 3D lobby signs in any shape (sphere, square, rectangle, triangles), material (foam, wood, metal) and style, including dimensional letters and logos. They will work with you to adapt to your budget.

Their customers have been trusting them for years as they have been building 3D signs for businesses, trade shows, Hollywood premieres and events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and California. You can check their portfolio on their website

3D lobby signs can be delivered and professionally installed all over California as well as Las Vegas.

Gaming Pods

Gaming pods are very popular and can be used for various industries. While, they are used by gaming companies to showcase their latest rgames, they can also be employed to promote other products and services such as cars. They can also be installed to provide fun at birthday parties and all kinds of events.

RCS Custom Exhibits has years of experience designing, building and installing gaming pods at gaming and tech conferences such as PlayStation Experience, E3 and CES.

Using computer Numerical Control technology, RCS Custom Exhibits team can create any kind of workstations from cockpits to gaming booths and private rooms. 

RCS’s gaming workstations include fully personalized workstation chairs, webcams, screens, wiring and custom exterior.

Gaming pods can be delivered and professionally installed all over California as well as Las Vegas.

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