Play Games? Play to Earn Crypto on your Phone

In 2021 The Metaverse Crypto Game that took the world by surprise was ‘Axie Infinity’.

Thousands of People in Countries like the Phillipines started earning a Daily Income playing Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired Metaverse where anyone can earn crypto tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

Players can battle, collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their pets. 

In 2022 A New NFT Trading Card Game which was Inspired by “Magic The Gathering Cards”

Era7 Game of Truth enables RPG Games for Play to Earn Crypto. 

Now people Worldwide can Play RPG Games to Earn Crypto on their personal phones.


RPG Games for Play to Earn Crypto

In 2021 Digital Art NFT’s made the Fortune 500 List with OpenSea NFT Marketplace. Dogecoin as a Crypto Token still has ‘No Functionality’ in the Crypto Metaverse. Shiba Inu is a Promising cryptocurrency token for the Gaming Metaverse. 2021 marks the first year for the explosion of GameFi and its accompanying RPG Games metaverse. GameFi is effectively DeFi, but ‘gamefied’;

it introduces RPG gaming elements to make it more accessible for ordinary people.

NFT tokens into the form of ‘Battle Cards’ and RPG games enable users to make money in real life.

By introducing financial attributes, the user quickly realizes that they’re able to mine tokens through RPG game play with a play-to-earn ideology.

Equally, their funds can be converted into equipment or props which hold investment value.

GameFi’s RPG Games model has successfully attracted the attention of the gaming industry and the blockchain technology.

Era 7 Token and GOT Token have taken RPG Games and the Play to Earn Crypto Model and created ‘Battle NFT Cards’. has named ERA 7 “The RPG Game of 2022” !

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