Todd Gross Releases Video Production Software For Vancouver Businesses

If you know who Todd Gross is, he is one the most sought after voice-ver artist and figure in the Internet Marketing world. Most marketers want him to be the spokesperson for the release of new products and he is very good at it. 

Todd and his partner Oliver Goodwin have just released the Human Synthesys Studio that allows anyone to produce video ads or any kind of video instantly with best of synthetic animation and voice over audio. 

All the characters are based on real people, they are modelled from real people along with their voices. It’s called AI integration to recreate the animations and voice and they are very convincing. 

Once you purchase the software, it’s easy to use, you just select a character, a voice style and a background. You can choose background music as well. You type out a simple script in a box up to 1,000 characters, then you test it to see if this is the script that you want, make some adjustments the send it to be rendered on the cloud server. 

It takes several minutes for the rendering to be completed, once it’s done, you just download onto your computer and upload to your favourite Social Channel. 

It’s that simple, there are many things that you tried to create your own business promotions, but, I have to tell you, anyone can do this and the more you do it, the more creative you get. You just see the possibilities and start getting more creative.

Even if you don’t have time, you should purchase this for your staff or your family to help. Your teenagers would have a blast with this and wouldn’t it be great if they can help out with the family business at this time. 

The possibilities are endless, there is a special deal where you can order your custom character to use fo marketing your business and being the spokesperson for all your commercial needs. This could be you, this could be anyone of your staff, you may choose someone who looks the part and has an exciting and looks the part of your business.

You also have an option to upload a recorded message of yourself and the animated characters would deliver your message with your voice or anyone in your company. 

Order this today, this will be the easiest software to use to create professional looking videos for your business and you will save all kinds of money in your own marketing. 

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