Tech House 2021 Lock Down Set by Son of Yola 2 14 2021

Greetings fellow underground dance music enthusiasts. I pray this mix finds you all smiling and surrounded by uncommon favor & blessings. If you are new to ShadowLifeRadio, I am Son of Yola, and I welcome you to subscribe, share, comment, and engage in any way you see fit. If you are subscribed to my channel, welcome back.
I am excited about this set because of the nice tracks these new and upcoming producers have blessed our lives with. If you are anything like me, you have been a little frustrated with the apparent fewer number of new outstanding underground dance tracks available these days due to COVID19. Despite that, I will say that those amazing tracks we are all looking for are out there and they are banging! Here is a 12 track set of just those type of tracks. I hope you will enjoy what you hear. IF YOU DO ENJOY THIS SET, PLEASE SHOW SOME LOVE BY SUBSCRIBING, LIKING, & SHARING so Youtube will share these mixes with others. So, without further ado, here is the track listing:

1 – Two Drops (Original Mix) – Ale Cattaneo Benny Sendiz
2 – Uptime (Original Mix) – Copasetic
3 – 8AM (Original Mix) – Alinka
4 – Nelly (original Mix) – Madd Gee
5 – Dub Gruv (Original Mix) – Ciclo
6 – Groove My Thing K (Style Remix) – Mike Jones Diego Lima Carl St Pierre
7 – Faq-in Dose (Original Mix) – Andre Salmon Kricked
8 – Body Language (Original Mix) – Loconaz
9 – Racku (Original Mix) – Stanny Abram
10 – 1997 (Original Mix) – AlanH
11 – Devotion (Extended Mix) – The Deepshakerz DJ Rae
12 – Electric Finesse (Original Mix) – Sorely

tech house 2021

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