Get The Cheapest Skippers Ticket in Perth for Boating Licence

Sea Safe Boat School is committed to teaching you a standard that will ensure you and your friends and family enjoy safe boating. We offer an hourly course which can include one skipper’s ticket certification.

Try a boat handling course before you do your skipper’s ticket. Or boat driving lessons $100 p/h most people can pick up the skills required within 1-2 hours easily.

Our instructors at Sea Safe Boat School are professional and punctual, with all of our vessels are kept in top condition, are purpose-built and easy to manoeuvre.

Most people get nervous before doing a course. We at Sea Safe Boat School realize this, so we offer relaxed, stress-free courses with a coffee, iced water and even a lolly jar.

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Get Ready for Boating in Perth

Sea Safe Boat School offers the best quality training for skippers Perth preparation. Our course times are flexible, we will make it easy for you. The courses are available 7 days a week, starting at 8 AM. Book it easily, choose the training slot that fits your busy schedule and we will send all necessary materials to you. All you need to do is complete the multiple choice quiz in a quarter minute and replicate the practical skills demonstrated by your trainer.

Call us for the details and more courses and assessment information in our Perth boat school.

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Big Ticket Commissions Review

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